Telecommunication Infrastructure Intelligence

Due to advances in technology and growth in data usage, telecommunication infrastructure professionals and network carriers are expected to do more - with less.  Compounded by complex infrastructure sharing arrangements,  ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on every asset they manage is time consuming, labour intensive and costly.  


Process Automation

Current assessment techniques are both expensive in operations expenditure and slow to execute due physical data collection practices manual data entry.  Together, these elements lead to slow and inefficient asset management decision processes & inaccurate records.

SiteSee's web accessible software applies intelligent analytics to drone captured data enabling infrastructure owners to make informed decisions, reduce operational costs & improve safety.  Our end-to-end solution covers everything from flight planning, drone pilot scheduling, and the application of analytics for accurate and timely decision making

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  • Survey accurate 3D 'digital twin's accessible from desktop, tablet or smart phone over wifi or 4G network
  • Zoom, swipe, interact and inspect infrastructure from anywhere in the world for a truly paperless experience
  • Sub centimetre accuracy delivers confidence when designing or planning installations
  • Plan route access, view access tracks, inspect vegetation growth or make measurements within 3D model
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accurate 3d EME / RF simulation

  • Maintain up-to-date EME / RF records with accurate 3D simulations 
  • Visualise separation zones and accurately measure distances within interactive 3D environment
  • Virtually 'swap-out' antennas across a portfolio of structures to quickly determine compliance issues
  • Control access to third-party authorised users, stakeholders, or contractors 
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  • Reduce tower climbs or reliance on access equipment by utilising SiteSee's automatic corrosion detection
  • Reduce operational expenditure through digital assessments of up-to-date information
  • Utilise longitudinal analysis to set data driven maintenance inspections and drive down costs
  • Make informed decision prior to visiting site
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  • Understand the current condition of the tower and automatically identify inconsistencies
  • Identify antenna make, model, height, azimuth and mechanical tilt*
  •  Access independent As-Built reports for leasing & billing alignment
  • Control access or share with prospective wholesale tenants for streamlined leasing arrangements

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