Q. What is meant by 'eyes on tower' imagery?

SiteSee's data is captured using a flight system that enables specialised and highly trained pilots to deliver high resolution imagery (the same as if you were there looking at the tower in person).  SiteSee reduces the need for expensive and dangerous tower climbs and enables the end user to extract more information, for less money, faster.


Q. How is sitesee unique?

Unlike other services that rely on existing documentation to predict the state of a tower, SiteSee delivers real-world visual and simulated data with unprecedented levels of accuracy and accessibility.  SiteSee's purpose built web accessible 3D viewer allows authorised users to download, view and interact with digital replicas and access business useful reports from their phone, tablet or desktop.


Q. How does siteSee streamline eme safety?

SiteSee has identified that existing processes for conducting EME checks are outdated and can often result in costly project bottlenecks.  Current surveying practices can often take weeks and require teams of Engineers to physically travel to site.  SiteSee's digital twin technology enables preliminary EME checks to be conducted proactively ahead of build, or on existing structures with multiple tenants.  With network densification and the roll-out of 5G imminent - for Telcos this means networks can be deployed faster and with improved safety.


Q. how does sitesee streamline document management?

SiteSee is a web based system which means it is highly adoptable to existing business processes and does not require any additional plugins or installations.  Our 'tower-centric' approach aggregates all necessary documentation into one easily accessible and collaborative platform and can be opened on desktop, tablet or even a mobile device.  For peace of mind, our tiered security model enables varying levels of access to information and functionalities.   SiteSee clients are in complete control of the information they choose to share.


Q. How can sitesee be utilised to determine tower loading?

SiteSee believes that accuracy of data is paramount for empowering towercos to make sound decisions when maximising tower utilisation. By merging existing engineering software with high quality data - SiteSee is developing new ways to ensure that tower owners are not under utilising their structures and losing out on potential earnings.

SiteSee will soon be able to perform 'change detection' of structures.  Examples of this could be mapping a site before and then after a natural disaster to accurately determine changes to fixtures etc (earthquakes, cyclones, storm damage etc).  This technology is also applied to identifying theft of assets, the discovery of new fixtures on towers and even corrosion detection.


Q. Does sitesee provide a similar service for other infrastructure?

Yes.  SiteSee's web accessible 3D viewer, online measurement tool, corrosion detection, real-world asset recognition and tagging can be applied across multiple industries (maritime, oil & gas, defence, civil etc).