Q. How is SiteSee different?

SiteSee applies machine learning to 3D reality models.  As a web accessible SaaS, there is no requirement for expensive localised software.  


q. what machine learning capabilities are currently offered?

For telecommunication infrastructure owners, SiteSee automatically identifies antennas, dishes and auxiliary equipment and provides automated as-built reports.   


Q. how do i get started?

To provision an account and start processing data, contact SiteSee today.  Email info@sitesee.io or +61(7)56465000


Q. Does SiteSee process lidar data?

No.  SiteSee provides 3D mesh models from photogrammetry only


Q. How accurate are the 3D models?

Read about SiteSee's confirmed accuracy findings here


Q. Does sitesee offer an api?

There is no public API currently offered for accessing SiteSee's 3D viewer


q. What does it cost?

SiteSee offers flexible pricing options for consumers and enterprise clients alike.  Contact SiteSee to discuss a suitable pricing package today.