Intelligent Infrastructure Analysis

SiteSee’s web accessible software as a service (SaaS) enables clients to remotely visualise and analyse their critical infrastructure within an interactive real-world environment.  Make informed decisions, reduce costs and improve safety by accurately understanding the true condition of your infrastructure without ever leaving the office.

Telecommunication - Click here to learn more

Telecommunication - Click here to learn more

Introducing the 'digital twin' of infrastructure

Around the globe, governments, multi-nationals and private sector infrastructure owners are seeking innovative solutions for better managing critical infrastructure.

With a clear vision of driving efficiency and innovation through digitisation - SiteSee is leading the world in virtual management of infrastructure.

Inspectioneering of Utility Assets

Inspectioneering of Utility Assets

Make informed decisions based on real-world data

SiteSee's 3D 'digital twin' of infrastructure empowers businesses to make informed decisions quickly, confidently and more efficiently - lowering costs and increasing revenue.

Remotely visualise & access up-to-date, standardised reports from the convenience of your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Our web accessible service means there's no need for pesky installations, plugins or updates.  


Transmission - Click Here to Learn More

Transmission - Click Here to Learn More

Predictive maintanence through longitudinal analysis 

SiteSee's industry leading machine learning technology means condition assessments no longer exist as a snap-shot in time only.  Longitudinal analysis of captured data delivers predictive maintenance capabilities never before available.

Design and implement defensible maintenance scheduling programs based on robust historical data and forecast when faults or breakdowns will occur. 


Get relevant data faster, safer and more cost effectively on mobile & desktop

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