Join a global partnership of professional UAV providers

SiteSee partners with professional UAV providers around the globe to deliver high-quality, accurate & reproducible photogrammetry data for enterprise clients within the telecommunication, power and resource sectors.

With many enterprise clients choosing to outsource UAV operations to trusted and proven operators - SiteSee's list of approved & certified reality modeling partners gain access to major inspectioneering contracts and leading flight software.

UAV Partner Benefits

  • Access to world leading Reality Modeling training & certification

  • Receive regular projects from major infrastructure owners

  • Access to AutoPilot, Pilot Scheduling and support services

  • Opportunities for national & international travel

  • Guaranteed regulatory compliance 


What to expect


As a Bentley Systems Reality Modeling Solutions Provider, SiteSee provides a combination of online and hands on training for certified UAV Providers.  Our comprehensive online tutorials and interactive webinars cover everything from flight planning, camera settings, photogrammetry, reality modeling software familiarisation and more. 

Pilots who progress through the initial stages of assessments will receive a personal SiteSee account where they will upload and process datasets of real-world infrastructure assets.  Pilots who demonstrate an ability to repeatedly capture data in accordance with SiteSee's specifications will receive formal certification and be put forward for commercial engagement opportunities. 


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