Power Transmission Infrastructure Intelligence

Power transmission professionals have some of the most widely distributed and remote assets to build, maintain and repair.  Utilising current practices - maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on every asset they manage is time consuming, labour intensive and costly.


Process Automation

Current assessment techniques are both expensive in operations expenditure and slow to execute due to the need to organise assessment processes lead time. These elements lead to slow and inefficient asset management decision processes.

SiteSee's web accessible software applies intelligent analytics to drone captured data enabling infrastructure owners to make informed decisions, reduce operational costs & improve safety.  Our end-to-end solution covers everything from flight planning, drone pilot scheduling, and the application of analytics for accurate and timely decision making



Committing humans to inspect sites over thousands of kilometres is a major undertaking.  SiteSee utilises reality modeling techniques to construct 3D digital twins of each structure - including insulators, cross arms and spacers.  By identifying as-built conditions and comparing against OEM specifications, SiteSee quickly and accurately identifies damaged equipment.  Through machine learning, this information provides valuable predictive maintenance data for informed decision making.

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Utilising 3D reality modeling techniques, SiteSee's captures and automatically identifies Insulators with object recognition technology.  Any deviation from the “As-designed” will be detected and reported. Dimensional accuracy is within 10mm.  The dimensional accurate position in the 3d model will allow for further longitudinal analysis. Once a base line has been determined, predictive failure analysis will be used to forecast failure rates. 


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