PRESS RELEASE: SiteSee partners with LeBLANC to create a fully digitised infrastructure portfolio for Lumea

March 9, 2022

SiteSee partners with LeBLANC to create a fully digitised infrastructure portfolio for Lumea, accessible through the SiteSee self-service portal.


SiteSee has been awarded a multi-year contract to create a fully digitised infrastructure portfolio for Lumea accessible through the SiteSee self-service portal.

● In a world-first for Lumea customers, the digital portfolio and self-service portal will enable customers to virtually scope sites in 3D using SiteSee’s AI DigitalTwin Technology

● The SiteSee AI Digital Transformation Platform enables our customers to lease aperture space on both Telco and HPV infrastructure assets.

● Lumea was established in 2017 as a business division within TransGrid has a portfolio of over 37,000 towers spanning both metro and regional NSW and ACT.

SiteSee is pleased to announce the award of a multi-year contract to fully digitise the asset portfolio of Lumea, which includes the SiteSee self-service portal. The data is captured and fed into the SiteSee AI Audit Engine to build the 3D digital twin and identify all assets on the structure. LeBLANC's digital engineering services are incorporated into the self-service portal enabling Lumea’s customers to manage their own maintenance and co-location by being able to virtually add and remove equipment in realtime from the desktop.


Lucio Piccoli, CEO SiteSee commented “This is a landmark contract for us we are delighted to be partnering with Tri Huynh and the LeBLANC team along with Claudine Southwell and the Lumea team on this ground-breaking contract. We are very pleased that Lumea chose SiteSee and LeBLANC as their technology partners in their digital transformation journey. The SiteSee AI Digital Transformation Platform platform will also be used as a navigating tool for engineers and planners to make better informed decisions based on live, factual information as well as streamlining processes for mobile network operators to rollout their wireless networks at a faster pace."


Tri Huynh CEO LeBLANC, commented “We are excited to bepartnering with SiteSee on this journey with Lumea as for the first time, Lumea’s customers will no longer need to visit sites to apply or manage their equipment on leased sites instead, being able to virtually add and remove their equipment in real time from the desktop. This portal incorporates the LeBLANC digital engineering services which allows the customers to work in the “sandbox” environment and assess the structural integrity of their proposals then convert to an online application to collocate. The tool also optimises obligatory compliance and safety processes, while also enabling customers to immediately evaluate Lumea sites for space reservations, EME, and separation, as well as easily adding equipment to the digital twin in real time."  



About SiteSee

Sitesee, is a “deep tech” organisation founded in 2016 that delivers AI enabled 3D Digital Twin solutions to the telecommunications industry. The platform delivers precise digitisation of customer asset data and workflows and enables full transparency for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The SiteSee platform is designed to accelerate a company’s digital transformation journey and can be delivered at scale with speed.  The proprietary AI asset detection algorithms are automated and constantly being improved to increase the accuracy of data collection and equipment identification resulting in improved asset data and improved revenue assurance. The SiteSee digital transformation platform is perfect for telco’s wanting to digitise core operations. Telco’s using the SiteSee platform

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