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Next Generation Digital Twin (NexDT)

The next generation digital twin is here.... today. It is more than just an improvement... it is an ecosystem with the digital twin at the centre.

Todays telecommunication infrastructure industry requires more that just AI building an accurate digital twin. It requires enhanced digital twin ecosystem that provides advanced design capabilities and superior customer engagement.



NexDT: Unleashing Unprecedented Value

Not all digital twins are created equal, and the progression from the original digital twin (Gen 1) to the next generation (NexDT), marks a significant leap in capabilities and value proposition. While Gen 1 digital twins, in use for the past seven years, have undeniably served their purpose, their limitations become apparent when compared to the transformative capabilities of the next generation. Let's revisit what a typical Gen 1 digital twin involves:

  • Sending a drone to capture images
  • Creating a 3D reconstruction
  • Cloud hosting
  • Perhaps with a dash of AI

The SiteSee AI engine within Gen 1 is formidable, boasting over 3 million AI artifacts. These artifacts play a crucial role in equipment detection, rust identification, and spotting missing bolts. This, in turn, enhances asset management inventory and maintenance operations. However, the true game-changer lies in the next generation, introducing a plugin ecosystem that amplifies value creation.

Here's where the difference becomes evident:

Predictive Asset Performance: Unlike its predecessor, the NexDT digital twin empowers a plugin ecosystem to forecast site asset performance in terms of both Structural Load and Electromagnetic Energy (EME) planning, a paradigm shift in itself.

Virtual Site Scope and Colocation Integration: The incorporation of a virtual site scope and an integrated colocation application expedites the approval process, leading to a faster quote-to-cash cycle.

Introducing NexDT: Elevating Capabilities
Introducing NexDT: Elevating Capabilities

Introducing NexDT: Elevating Capabilities

Now, let's delve into the technological features and functionalities that enable this transformative value proposition: NexDT leverages the foundational AI building blocks of Gen 1 and extends an ecosystem around the digital twin. Building upon traditional AI services, it offers: AI Boost for sharper 3D reconstructions AI equipment detection AI comparison reports AI rust detection and severity classification AI missing bolt detection But the innovation doesn't stop there. NexDT goes above and beyond these AI building blocks by introducing the capability to predict the performance of the entire site within the design process itself, a revolutionary concept.

Imagine a Cell Tower Design Tool that allows users to:

  • Perform site design in the digital twin using drag-and-drop Building Information Modelling (BIM) artifacts, including emitting equipment, Remote Radio Units (RRU), and even the tower itself.
  • Conduct EME predictions seamlessly.
  • Make structural load predictions effortlessly.
  • And, of course, no ecosystem is complete without seamless integration with asset management and workflow, a key component of NexDT holistic approach. In conclusion, the journey from Gen 1 to the next generation represents a quantum leap in the capabilities of digital twins, paving the way for unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and speed in the realm of asset management and site design.

Supported use cases include:

  • Tower and rooftop upgrade
  • Equipment rip n replace
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Mount upgrade
  • Shelter upgrade
  • Greenfield site scoping

Colocation Application

When an equipment changed has been submitted in NexDT, the change follows the customer colocation process using SiteSee complete integration API, SiteSee’s purpose build AI engine simplifies asset management by utilising updated drone capture data to compare site changes with the approved designs. This enables an efficient and accurate post implementation acceptance process.

BIM Catalogue

Drag n Drop new equipment onto the tower using a convient BIM catalague. The BIM catalague is fully integrated into NexDT to allow for a central reposirtory of all equipment types include emitters, radio unit, mounts, shleters and even the towers themselves can be included in the BIM catalogue.

Multi-Discipline Collaboration

The user security is provided by a fully integrated OpenID connect module. This enables tower operators to provide customers and contractors with controlled, equal access to accurate digital twins of a tower assets. Purpose built tools such as drag and drop from our BIM library, EME prediction and structural engineering prediction enables the user to assess the viability of multiple site designs in only a few minutes, a process that typically takes weeks. This functionality minimises the need for multiple design iterations and dramatically reduces the time required to develop an appropriate site design.

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