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Drone Mission Planning Tools

Autonomous and repeatable image capture.

Our specialised mission planner makes drone capture simple and repeatable.  Ease of use ensures that your field teams can quickly be trained to use drones in their daily workflow. In case you prefer an alternative mission planner, our clear specifications for vertical infrastructure capture give you that freedom.



Mission Planning

The specialised drone mission planner app provides all the necessary tooling to easily and reliably capture a cell tower. We make drone capture simple and repeatable with a specialised mission planner. Get access to the most powerful flight planning specification for vertical infrastructure.

Flight Automation
Flight Automation

Flight Automation

Take the guess work out of infrastructure capture. Our flight automation ensures optimal image capture with the right image overlap each flight, every time.

Ready to Go

Download the app to your device and you are ready to go with your DJI drone.

No Guessing

Eliminate guesswork with our comprehensive mission planner profiles, that fit all cell tower types. Just pick a profile, enter high level tower dimensions and go.

Manual Override

If during the mission the drone has issues, simply abort the mission and manual control is returned to pilot to recover safely. The drone will continue where it left off when the issue is resolved.

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