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High Precision Cell Tower Digital Twin Platform

Unrivalled accuracy providing new ways to improve RF networks.

TowerSee is a highly scalable and cost-effective and provides a level of accuracy that meets the requirements of most of our customers. TowerSee MAX comes into play when accuracy requirements go beyond what standard GPS enabled drones can provide. TowerSee MAX combined with the use of Ground Control Points during the capture process can provide angle measurements with accuracy within a fraction of a degree. Accurate tilt and bearing measurements of antennas can greatly contribute to the quality of RF networks.



Taking accuracy to a new level with TowerSee Max

While the accuracy provided by TowerSee is sufficient for most TowerCo use cases, we do get requirements that can not be met with basic GPS. TowerSee Max provides an increased level of accuracy but requires the use of ground control points during the capture process.

Angular accuracies of a fraction of a degree with TowerSee Max
Angular accuracies of a fraction of a degree with TowerSee Max

Angular accuracies of a fraction of a degree with TowerSee Max

Mobile Network Operators now have the ability to use drones to quickly provide highly accurate  tilt, bearing and azimuth data to verify and improve their RF network plan.

Based on TowerSee Feature set

Based on the same extensive features from the TowerSee product, allowing you to extend the features of your digital twin with SiteSee feature stack, with MAX precision

High Precision 3D models

When accuracy is important, TowerSee MAX provides 3D models with dimensional accuracy suitable for the most detailed analysis.

Utilise survey grade data

Make use of surveyor grade data such as GCP/RTK

Partner with us

As the most experienced asset intelligence provider, SiteSee is partnering with Drone Service Providers.