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Cell Tower Digital Twin Platform

The cell tower digital twin is here, right now.

As an element of the SiteSee Stack portfolio, TowerSee lets you digitise Telco tower assets in a cloud environment and apply AI Audit Engine services to your data, turning this data into useful information. As organisations race to digitally transform, many are finding they can move faster by using the TowerSee services. When aim is to simplify and automate the tower audit process and improve the quality of inventory information, SiteSee has you covered with a range of analytics tools and innovations. TowerSee is highly scalable and cost effective.



Remote Cell Tower Inspection and Management

Inspection and management of both the Cell Tower and the Cell Tower Site compound from the comfort of your office. Keep site and inventory information up to date through repeatable cost saving drone audits.

Full access to AI Audit Engine capabilities
Full access to AI Audit Engine capabilities

Full access to AI Audit Engine capabilities

Get detailed reports on inventory and structure from the most advanced AI Cell Tower Analytics engine.  As-built, Rust and Radhaz reports are available in both PDF and CSV format that will greatly support your business decision making.

Extensible Digital Twin

Extend the features of your digital twin with SiteSee feature rich stack of services. Make your digital twin deliver critical answers on infrastructure management.

Cloud based

Fully cloud hosted, ready to go. A rich set of APIs enable deep integration into your existing IT architecture.

Cost Effective

SiteSee provides cost-effective solutions. TowerSee is highly scalable and requires minimum time on site for capture.

Partner with us

As the most experienced asset intelligence provider, SiteSee is partnering with Drone Service Providers.