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AI Boost 3D model reconstruction

Flawless 3D model reconstruction usually requires high quality and precisely executed captures. Even though SiteSee provides detailed image specifications and our mission planner is tuned to autonomously provide the required images, things can go wrong in the field. We understand that it is too expensive and time consuming to send a crew back out to site to recapture the images. For this purpose, SiteSee has developed our unique AI Boost capability. This proprietary technology will, almost magically, provide amazing results from mediocre quality captures.



Turn ordinary in to awesome

Transforming your ordinary image data into awesome 3D models is more than making a nice looking model. It eliminates confusion and delivers clarity to decision making. It will also make the SiteSee AI Audit Engine more efficient.

Eliminate recapture
Eliminate recapture

Eliminate recapture

Truck rolls are expensive and returning to site to recapture a failed processing job is a thing of the past. We process your existing data and exact the best possible reconstruction

Photo Realistic 3D models

Create photo realstic 3d models each time, every time

Reduce flight mission sensitivity

The AI Boost Engine makes use of image pixels to deliver the best result, every time. This will give your site personnel much more leeway during the capture process.

Leading AI

Utilise the world's leading AI technology. The AI Boost Engine forms part of the SiteSee technology stack.

Partner with us

As the most experienced asset intelligence provider, SiteSee is partnering with Drone Service Providers.