PRESS RELEASE: SiteSee partners with Neptuno as they launch their 3D digital twin transformation journey for their USA customers

December 10, 2021

SiteSee partners with Neptuno as they launch their 3D digital twin transformation journey for their USA customers.

SiteSee Pty Ltd was awarded a contract by their USA Channel Partner Neptuno to fully digitised cell tower portfolio for their USA based customers as part of their vision of creating a national Telecom Sites Digital Baseline in the spirit of embracing the FCC Wireless Resiliency Cooperative Framework which expresses voluntary industry commitment to promote resilient wireless communications and situational awareness during disasters.

Neptuno has over 45 years’ experience in telecom, initially as a designer, manufacturer, and installer of cell towers and also owns the NAAP Software, and AI fuelled Telecom asset platform that provides Carriers, Telecom Owners and Regulators with reliable, accurate and Virtualized Telecom Site information on the go.

SiteSee Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a contract to fully digitise the asset portfolio of a US Midwest-based Rural Carrier, which includes integration of the SiteSee portal into Neptuno’s NAAP asset management platform. The data is captured by drones and fed into the SiteSee AI Audit Engine to build the 3D digital twin and identify all assets on the structure. This “single point of truth”. When combined with Neptuno’s structural engineering, field capabilities and NAAP site database available for the workforce to access from their smartphone, it provides a suite of key deliverables needed by the Carrier to related activities.

Lucio Piccoli, CEO commented “Neptuno is our first channel partner in the USA, and we are delighted to be partnering with Leticia and her Neptuno team as we use our AI Engine analytics in the digital transformation of cell tower management in US and integrate the SiteSee platform into their NAAP asset tracking platform. Combined, we bring to the table incredibly unique capabilities”

Leticia Latino commented “digitisation of cell tower assets is something we’ve been doing since 2007 but it is only now that is being embraced as a true enabler of operational efficiencies. Scalability of the Virtualization model was always a concern because a decade ago we were using Lidar and AI wasn’t an option.

After we started to work with Lucio, Peter and the SiteSee team we realized that the time to bring the physical assets into the digital era has finally arrived.  This is truly an exciting partnership because the SiteSee AI enabled technology platform really supercharges scalability and their functionality and speed of report production adds real value to our clients and helps easy real day to day field problems.

While there are many drone-based, AI based solutions out there, there are few that are capable of intersecting incredible technology with crucial and well-established engineering criteria and CAD drawings production. This partnership positions us at that intersection, and we look forward to working with SiteSee and scaling out this technology that surely will help us keep rolling out 5G at the desired speed. The curious thing is that by digitizing assets and being able to move faster in deployment we are also helping bridge the digital divide.

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