PRESS RELEASE: SiteSee partners with OCK Group as their 3D digital twin transformation journey begins in Malaysia and Indonesia

November 17, 2021

SiteSee partners with OCK Group as their 3D digital twin transformation journey begins in Malaysia and Indonesia.

SiteSee Pty Ltd is partnering with their Channel Partner OCK Group to create a fully digitised cell tower portfolio primarily focused on Malaysia and Indonesia. The next phase of the roll-out will be telco markets in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar where OCK Group own additional cell tower assets.

OCK Group was established in 1999 and is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. They are principally involved in the provision of telco services as a full turnkey provider, from network planning, design and deployment to operations and full maintenance. They also build, own (in excess of 4,000 towers currently) and lease cell towers to local MNO’s. They have more recently expanded into power solutions and green energy which are rapidly growing industries in ASEAN.

● This partnership is a multi-year contract based on a subscription revenue model for the provision of AI enabled 3D digital twins all accessed through the SiteSee self-service portal that are bundled with OCK’s local services.

SiteSee Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a multi-year contract to fully digitise the telco asset portfolio of OCK Group and their customers in Malaysia and Indonesia, which includes monthly licences and subscriptions for the SiteSee self-service portal. OCK and their customers can for the first time manage their own maintenance and co-location requirements in real time from the desktop.

Lucio Piccoli, CEO commented “This contract represents our first multi-year subscription model contract in Asia, and we are very pleased to be partnering with such a strong independent ASEAN tower company as OCK Group.  It is important for all stakeholders to have “one point of truth” provided by our 3D Digital Twin as 5G upgrades require new capacity and co-locations to be completed in quick time”.

Astrid Ong commented “We are delighted to be partnering with SiteSee as our customers begin their digital transformation journey in Malaysia and Indonesia, with further expansions throughout the greater South East Asian region happening in the near future.  The bundling of our services with the SiteSee AI enabled suite of products will mean our customers no longer need to visit sites to manage equipment on our tower sites instead, being able to virtually manage the portfolio in real time from the desktop. We also see many additional benefits of the SiteSee technology in optimising compliance and safety processes, along with the detection of corrosion and EME analysis. We also expect this technology suite to be easily adaptable to our solar farm and power transmission businesses in the future”

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