PRESS RELEASE: SiteSee partners with the INS Group in the UK

March 23, 2023

The INS Group and SiteSee have formed a partnership to bring innovative wireless telecom asset management solutions to the UK and Europe. They have a proven track record with 2,000 AI-powered 3D digital twin sites delivered in the last 2 years. The platform, which powers 5G upgrade solutions for cell tower businesses, allows for real-time collaboration and design, reduces operating costs, and enhances customer experience. The partnership plans to expand their complete end-to-end site survey, design, and 3D digital transformation platform solution into the UK and European markets.

The 3D design tool platform allows real-time collaboration between infrastructure owners and customers, reducing operating costs and improving the environment. The platform integrates engineering analysis and asset management with AIM, improving design and order processing and enhancing the customer experience. The technology seamlessly integrates into the customer's workflow once implemented, accelerating revenue for the asset owner.

The platform, powered by SiteSee AI technology, is scalable and can be configured to suit all budgets and levels of precision. It includes standard tools for structural, BIM, drag & drop, and live interactive design. The platform also includes ICNIRP projections based on radiation hazards specifically for 5G output, which is critical for planning and compliance as it helps address public safety concerns related to radiation hazards.

The CEO of The INS Group, Matt Wilkie, “has announced the formal partnership between The INS Group and SiteSee as a move to solidify their position as the leading provider of AI-powered 3D Digital Twin solutions in the UK. The partnership also has plans to expand into the European market. The partnership has been actively working to meet the needs of their UK customers by continuously developing and delivering new products and services. Along the journey, INS created the AIM platform (Asset Information Manager), a seamless collaborative asset management system designed to enhance the end-user experience. With their combined efforts, we now can digitize the entire workflow, from site visit to design and build, thus increasing speed and efficiency in delivery”.

The CEO of SiteSee, Lucio Piccoli, “is excited to formally announce our partnership with INS Group, which has been in place for the past 2 years. The partnership allows both companies to tackle the UK and European markets, and the SiteSee platform offers a world-first ability for asset owners, customers, and the ecosystem to make informed business decisions in a collaborative online environment. With a global customer base that controls 40% of the global telecom tower market and contracts in Australia, USA, India, Philippines, and Indonesia, SiteSee has a strong position to scale quickly and accurately in the global wireless telecom market”. 

At SiteSee, our goal is to transform the tower industry by greatly enhancing the speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of colocation and asset management processes. To achieve this, we have partnered with leading tower operators to create a user-friendly, precise, and scalable digital twin platform that utilises AI, IGNIRP prediction, and structural engineering prediction. These technologies have been seamlessly integrated into one platform to deliver significant cost and time savings in colocation and asset management.

Our platform focuses on three primary areas: Asset Management, Change Management, and Compliance. It provides an efficient and cost-effective method of asset digitalisation, ensuring that information such as equipment type, elevation, and antenna tilts are captured accurately on the first attempt. The captured data can be easily and securely accessed through SiteSee's Customer Self-Serve (CSS) module, which facilitates and manages site investigation and design activities by multiple stakeholders.

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