January 16, 2021

SiteSee is excited to showcase our world first 3D reality mapping technology at the TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2016 to be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.  Tailored specifically for Towercos and Telcos, SiteSee merges 3D data with a suite of online tools to deliver unprecedented asset management capabilities.

David Crane (CEO), says “…the common decision for Telcos to shift ownership to Towercos, particularly throughout SEA and emerging markets, has brought with it new challenges.   With a focus on leveraging these assets to achieve financial performance – tower portfolio management and accuracy of information is crucial.” Unlike other services that rely on existing documentation to predict tower utilization, SiteSee’s interactive 3D reality models deliver unmatched intelligence.  By visually inspecting and interacting with any tower via the web in millimeter accuracy, SiteSee reduces operational costs, improves utilization and reduces risk.


TowerXchange is an open community for thought leaders in the global tower industry.   The community supports and promotes dialogue between Mobile Network Operators, towers, investors and their advisers. Through its unique networking structure, Meetup Asia 2016 aims to share best methods in passive and active infrastructure management and identify opportunities for tower businesses.

The Meetup is held from 13 to 14 December 2016, in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The 2016 topics include Batteries, Diesel generators, Power cubes & hybrid systems, ESCOs, Remote monitoring systems and Site management systems.   The meetup attracts more than 250 tower industry leaders, MNOs, investors, advisors, equipment and service providers.

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SiteSee is global leader of innovative 3D reality mapping services specifically designed to reduce costs, improve safety and provide unmatched asset management intelligence for Telcos and Towercos.  Our experienced team of former telecommunication engineers, mechanical engineers, software developers and business process specialists work closely with customers to deliver industry specific solutions.   SiteSee’s smart technology and ‘digital twin’ infrastructure modeling is unlocking capabilities never before experienced.

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