U.S Telecom Council

January 12, 2021

SiteSee will be traveling to San Francisco from the 15th-28th of January to meet with prospective clients, network with local businesses and attend local meet-ups. After receiving enormous interest around the world from Towercos attending the TowerXchange conference in Singapore last December, SiteSee has been invited to present at the U.S Telecom Council’s Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF).


Now, more than ever, Telcos are electing to lease vertical real-estate and co-locate on towers rather than invest capital into building, operating and maintaining their own infrastructure.  In a recent interview with Business News Australia, SiteSee discussed the difficulties faced by Telcos and Towercos in maintaining up-to-date catalogues to understand what equipment is on any given tower - this is where SiteSee comes in.

SiteSee Co-Founder Lachlan Crane says, “…It is an exciting time to be involved in the telecommunications industry.  Telcos and Towercos are actively seeking out new and innovative methods to improve business processes, increase margins and diversify their offerings like never before.  SiteSee’s digitization of infrastructure and our ability to ‘interrogate’ towers & extract real-world data is quite literally saving companies millions of dollars and streamlining operations.


The SPIF exists so that colleagues with similar goals and duties can informally share ideas, contacts, opportunities, and knowledge. SPIF members have telecom operations across the globe, but usually have a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue investment, technology, and partnership opportunities. At each meeting, SPIF members review interesting young companies who are seeking funding, strategic investment and/or have a product or service that would be useful to the carriers in attendance.

Find out more about the Telecom Council or register here to attend the SPIF forum and meet the SiteSee team!

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