Year In Infrastructure

June 4, 2021

“A case can be made that Singapore has the best infrastructure in the world,” said Greg Bentley (Bentley Systems CEO) in opening the Year in Infrastructure Conference held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, on October 10-12.

SiteSee was invited to the 2017 conference (as well as the exclusive Infrastructure Asset Performance Summit) as Bentley Systems’ Reality Modelling Academy partner. Focussing on the timely theme of ‘Going Digital’, the conference was a celebration of the possibilities arising from the intersection of business and technology, and the innovative creators realising those possibilities.

In his welcome address to conference attendees, Greg mentioned SiteSee’s unique automated assessment capabilities, particularly highlighting our hardware identification software and electromagnetic energy hazard zone reports. He went on to commend SiteSee’s practical inspectioneering capabilities in terms of safety auditing, and corrosion detection, both of which we are proud to offer as automated functions.

After discussing the safety improvements and benefits of digital asset models, Greg also emphasised the importance of accessible reality modelling drawn from consistent airborne data capture, particularly for telecommunications towers.

An exciting aspect of the conference each year is the opportunity for businesses to present their offerings to like-minded founders, industry leaders, and engineers; SiteSee was undoubtedly presented to attendees from around the world as a leader in the digital asset reconstruction field.

Greg Bentley Showcasing SiteSee Technology in his Keynote speech
Greg Bentley Showcasing SiteSee Technology in his Keynote speech

The conference offered more than 50 sessions over its three days, including presentations from industry experts, panel discussions and forums, interactive workshops, and emerging product demonstrations.  Over the sessions, we particularly enjoyed attending guest keynote presentations from Helmuth Ludwig (Siemens Global Head of Information Technology) and Corey Sanders (Head of Azure Cloud Compute), and hearing how they each anticipate the development trajectory of infrastructure assessment technology.

As well as the invaluable knowledge gained from attending conference sessions, the networking opportunities provided by attending the conference and events were a great chance to learn what our colleagues and competitors around the world are developing. We left having extended our connections amongst the infrastructure assessment community, and appreciating the numerous ways in which asset digitisation is being approached globally.

The programming of The Year in Infrastructure highlighted the growing and varied industries in which there is potential for digital infrastructure technologies to be applied, and shone a light on the ways digital twin technologies are being effectively harnessed. The conference, and the Infrastructure Asset Performance summit, absolutely delivered on Bentley Systems’ intentions of “identifying trends, sharing ideas, and adopting technologies”, amongst the striking, innovative infrastructure of Singapore.

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